Documents for Expatriate

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Standard Documents for Expatriate

  • Covering letter & authorization letter - sample attached - need to be print it out using company letterhead 
  • Employment contract - attached - need to be sign by employer (u) & maid 
  • Personal bond - attached - need to be sign by employer (u) and witness by any company staff.
  • DP11A - attached - need to be sign by employer (u) and chop company rubber stamp 
  • Photocopy of employer passport & latest work permit 
  • Photocopy of wife passport & valid visa in Malaysia 
  • Photocopy of children birth certificate 
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate 
  • Passport size photo - husband & wife (2 piece) 
  • Photocopy of maid passport (every pages) 
  • Maid photo - passport size - 4 pieces


Application forms: (download forms in PDF Version) 

Immigration Form (DP11A)


Department of Labor and Employment

Contract of Employment for Expatriate

Personal Bond for Expatriate

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