Documents for MM2H

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Standard Documents for MM2H :

  • Application by principal (employer)/MM2H agent
  • Complete domestic helper’s application form (available at MM2H centre)
  • Form IMM.12
  • Form IMM.38 (if applicable)
  • Approval letter from Philippine overseas employment administration (POEA- for domestic helper from Philippine only)
  • passed medical checkup (from origin country of domestic helper)
  • Personal bond (stamped RM 10.00 at duty stamp office
  • A copy of applicant’s passport and approval letter
  • A copy of principal’s passport (particulars and MM2H visa pages
  • Employment’s contract (stamped RM 10.00 at duty stamp office) 2original copy
  • SNP/tenancy agreement-copy
  • Utilities bill (electric/water/Astro)-copy
  • Marriage/birth certificate-copy and original
  • FOMEMA approval after the Levy payment

*Processing time is (7) working days.


Application forms : (download forms in PDF Version) 



Department of Labor and Employment

Contract of Employment for MM2H

Personal Bond for MM2H


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